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Paragon Pulse Wave

GAINSWave® is an FDA-approved medical device that is designed for soft tissue repair and enhanced blood flow through the use of acoustic wave technology. Rather than using artificial drugs to promote blood flow, the gentle pulsating waves open up existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

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Erectile Dysfunction, ‘aka’ ED, The root cause is a lack of blood flow. 60% of all men over 55 years old suffer from the effects of ED. Most men suffer in silence, but you don’t have to. Paragon Pulse Wave uses GAINSWave, a therapy that works by restoring bloodflow throughout the penis. GAINSWave therapy is non-invasive, with no pills, no side effects, and without painful injections. Paragon has the answers and has treated more ED patients than any other provider in Southeast Idaho. 

Erectile Dysfunction

We now have a major medical-breakthrough. GAINSWave is clinically shown to open up and repair blood vessels treating the root cause of ED in Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas.
No more pills, no side effects, and no painful injections.
“My wife heard Paragon’s ad on the radio. She knew that ED was slowly pulling us apart. We decided to do the consultation and learn more about their treatments. We were immediately put at ease and felt comfortable discussing my ED. I started the treatments the following week, and it has changed my life. They tell you what you have to do to fix it, and they are with you every step of the way.”

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