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NO Needles Pills Side effects  Pain Surgery 

Paragon Pulse Wave prioritizes men's sexual and hormonal health.
Providing the best non-invasive Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with GAINSWave in Idaho Falls, ID.

Instead of taking pills for erectile dysfunction...

Paragon Pulse Wave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, releasing growth factors in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro plaque in the penis.

Don't settle for short-term solutions.

If you are tired of inconvenient pills with frustrating side effects, injections, painful procedures, and a lack of a fun-loving sex life, then GAINSWave is for you! When you’re ready to stop taking those pesky little blue pills with you anywhere the occasion may arise, don’t want to experience any adverse side effects, and enjoy results that last for years instead of just a few hours, then call Paragon Pulse Wave & schedule your FREE GAINSWave
consultation TODAY!

Simply put, ED is a blood flow problem. Paragon uses an FDA-approved revolutionary pulse wave therapy that restores a man’s natural blood flow. Restore the blood flow, and you eliminate the problem.

No Risk | No Side Effects | No Pills | No Injections | No Down Time

At Paragon, we use Pulse Wave Therapy to treat the root causes of ED and prioritize Men’s Health.

Pulse Wave Therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity pulse waves to improve blood flow and regenerate nerve endings.


Our therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical, and no, it’s not painful.

It’s a natural solution for erectile dysfunction that has been proven to work in 87% of men who have had severe symptoms of ED. And there’s no downtime, risks, and side effects that would cause harm to you or interact negatively with any medication you might be taking.

Our low-intensity pulse wave therapy is proven to have an 87% success rate.

If only you could say goodbye to the emotional stuff attached to ED. Guess what? You can.

Located in Idaho Falls, ID, we’re here to treat your ED, but there’s much more to it. The more success you see, the more confidence you’ll feel. That means less anxiety, less stress, no downtime, no side effects, and the list continues.

Paragon prioritizes men’s health helping get you a healthier, happier, more confident you.

  • Come in for a free discreet consultation.

  • Figure out if GAINSWave Therapy is right for you.

  • Feel things come alive again within a few months.

  • Enjoy lasting results without pills or painful procedures.